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Sebastiano's Madonna

For BlogNostics:

Sestina for D.L.

For Cloudy Cephalopod:


For Corvus Review:

Bat Walk (issue 3F)

For Crannóg:

Dream (issue 46)

For Dagda Publishing:

Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint

Ganesha in the Park

On Seeing the North Korean Prison Camps on Google Earth

King Vultures

Three haiku ("Flotation Tank," "Dead Parrot Sketch" and "Benefits Office") in the anthology Western Haiku

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Opus 6 (issue 44)

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To Whom Do You Belong?

Minor Character

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Bat Walk


Ganesha in the Park

On Seeing the North Korean Prison Camps on Google Earth


Imperfective Future

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"A moth climbs a glass sky ..." (Issue 46)

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In the Kafka Museum

The Same Province of Nothingness


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The Silent Monkeys 

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Hi, I Found a Bat


For the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter:

"A Carnivorous Plant Lover Remembered," vol. 45, pp. 156-7

For the DSCH Journal:

Review of M.T. Anderson's Symphony for the City of the Dead (issue 44)

Review of the Barbican's Shostakovich Day (issue 44)

Review of Julian Barnes's The Noise of Time (issue 45)

Review of Jascha Nemtsov's recording of Vsevolod Zaderatsky's 24 Preludes and Fugues (issue 46)

Review of the Royal Opera's production of The Nose (issue 46)

Foreword to Then, Now: Poems 1971-2016 by Jeffrey Del Col (Amazon U.S. | UK)

Other work

I was selected to read a chapter from Daniel Pinkwater's novel Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars on an episode of Daniel's podcast. If I had known at the age of nine that this would one day happen, I would never have worried about my future.