Jeff Del Col 1947-2016

My father, Jeff Del Col, died suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. He had a greater influence on me than anyone else. I love and will miss him more than I can say.

My poem The Morgantown Pandas was dedicated to him.

New issue of DSCH Journal out now!

Issue 44 of the DSCH Journal is out now, and features my poem "Opus 6" as well as my reviews of M.T. Anderson's Symphony for the City of the Dead and the Barbican's recent Shostakovich Day. You can order your copy at

Upcoming publications: Maudlin House and DSCH Journal

My short story "Hi, I Found a Bat" will appear in the February issue of Maudlin House, an online journal dedicated to "transgressive, absurdist and minimalist literature" that "explores the human condition." My story also explores the chiropteran condition, as a bonus.

Also, I've had it confirmed that the January issue of the DSCH Journal will include not only my poem "Opus 6," but also my reviews of M.T. Anderson's Symphony for the City of the Dead and the Shostakovich Day that was held at the Barbican in December 2015. Exact publication date to be determined, but will be later this month.

Future publication: DSCH Journal

I was delighted to be informed that my poem "Opus 6" will appear in a future issue of The DSCH Journal, a semi-yearly publication devoted to the life and work of Dmitri Shostakovich. The publication date has not been set, but will be in 2016 or thereafter.

This practically establishes a family tradition, since my father Jeff Del Col's poem "Memento Mori" appeared in the Journal's January 2015 issue. By coincidence (since I was already working on my poem when his appeared), the work that is the subject of his poem (the Sonata for Viola and Piano) quotes the work that is the subject of mine (the early Suite for Two Pianos in F sharp Minor). You can hear a performance of the Suite in this YouTube video.